Centro Histórico

In the downtown area of Rio, or City Centro, mixed in among typical office buildings and some of the latest architectural towers, one can discover 16th century churches, art galleries, one of the top 5 library collections in the world, historical monuments and parks – each with its own story to tell…

Santa Teresa is the name of a bohemian neighbourhood, located on the top of a hill, near the center of Rio, and is famous for its winding, narrow streets which are a favourite spot for artists and tourists. The neighbourhood originated around the Santa Teresa Convent, built in the 1750s on the Desterro hill. At the end of the 19th and early 20th century it was an upper class borough, as testified by its magnificent mansions, many of which are still standing.

Typical home in Santa Teresa

An exquisite church, part of the Santo Antonio Convent

Capoeira - a traditional Brazilian Martial arts/dance

Travel backwards in time! -enjoy desserts and the tallest mirrors you may have ever seen, brought over by boat from France in the 1800's.